Nexus DampTek Noise Absorption Material

Nexus DampTek Noise Absorption Material
Nexus DampTek Noise Absorption Material
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Nexus DampTek® is the latest development in noise absorption material. Our engineers searched the market for the most recent developments in noise absorption and isolation. The materials we found the most effective, to isolate and absorb frequencies coming from your pc components, were combined to create Nexus DampTek®. Nexus DampTek® consist of a 1.5 mm barrier mass to isolate the noise and a 6 mm foam layer to absorb the multiple frequencies.

Your retail package of Nexus DampTek® will consist of three sheets of high quality noise absorption material with a self-adhesive backing. The material is easy to cut and shape and the adhesive allows you to remove and re-fit the material easily. These three sheets will be sufficient to fit in the vast majority of medium to large tower and desktop computer cases.

A great product to transform your system into a silent PC!

The DampTek® foam is a sound-absorbing foam with open cells. It is fabricated on the bases of melamine synthetics and withstands high temperatures and is flame-resistant. The DampTek® foam has exceptional sound absorption properties. The foam layer (combined with a barrier backing) is directed to the inside of the computer case.

The DampTek® barrier layer is a flexible, sound-insulating synthetic sheet made from thermoplastic, unvulcanized rubbers (EVA-copolymers) and mineral fillers. Its high relative mass makes the DampTek® barrier layer an excellent isolator of the noise in the PC. The barrier has a self-adhesive backing.

Important notice:

  • Be careful not to cover any ventilation holes that are critical to your systems ventilation requirements.
  • Please do not put the material directly on a heat source.
  • Please do not stick any material inside the case in such a way that it can or may inhibit the correct functioning of any internal components, such as fans and moving parts.
  • These materials are installed at the installer's own risk.
Features & Specifications: 
3 sheets of DampTek® noise absorption material
Each sheet consists of a barrier to isolate the noise and a foam layer to absorb the multiple frequencies
Size per sheet: 40 x 50 cm / 15.7 x 19.7 inch
Excellent sound insulation characteristics
Easy to cut and shape
Self-adhesive backing
Easy to remove and to re-fit
Thickness ca. 7.5 mm (1.5 mm barrier layer and 6 mm foam layer)
Total is compressible down to approx. 2mm
Foam layer withstands temperatures of: -43 °C to +150 °C (continuous) +200 °C (peak)
Foam layer self extinguishing according to: UL94-HF1, ASTM E-84, DIN 4102 B1, ATS 1000-001 Pass (Airbus Industries)
Foam layer color: White
Barrier layer withstands temperatures between: -40 °C and +80 °C
Barrier layer flame-resistant according to: DIN 4102 B2
Barrier layer specific mass: 2450 kg/m3
Barrier layer color: anthracite grey
Nexus Damptek fire resitance test
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