Nexus MPE-50 PCI-Express Connector

Nexus MPE-50 PCI-Express Connector
Nexus MPE-50 PCI-Express Connector
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If there is no PCI-Express connector on your power supply you can use the MPE-50 cable to make your own PCI-Express connector. The Nexus MPE-50 makes from two 4-pin Molex connectors one PCI-Express connector.

Installation is easy, plug in the Molex connectors and you have your PCI-Express connector.

The MPE-50 is a Low-Cost solution for users not wanting to upgrade their power supply. Some power supply's do not come with a PCI-Express connector, if you still want to use the possibilities of a PCI-Express graphics card, and don't want to upgrade your power supply you can use this low cost solution.

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Very easy to apply
Low cost solution
No tools needed