Nexus NRC-1000 Noise Reduction Cable

Nexus NRC-1000 Noise Reduction Cable
Nexus Speed Reduction Cable NRC-1000
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The Nexus NRC-1000 Noise/Speed Reduction cable brings the fan voltage down from 12 Volt to 10 Volt and consequentially brings the fan speed down.

For example when using the NRC-1000 in combination with the Nexus SP702512M fan the fan speed goes down from 2400 RPM to approximately 1930 RPM. Consequentially a lower noise level is achieved.

Features & Specifications: 
Reduces the fan voltage from 12 Volts to 10 Volts.
Consequentially reduces the fan speed and and fan noise
Length: 22.5 cm
Standard 3-pin connectors
Can Now be used with PWM fans (4-pin) and regular fans.