Nexus (Version1) Silent PC System Case

Nexus Version1 Case
Nexus Version1 Silent PC System Case
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The Nexus version1 Silent System PC Case is an optimal office or home pc case to create your ultimate silent system. The version1 case is equipped with two Real Silent 120mm case fans (black/white model) to create great airflow inside the case. Plus these case fans have been mounted inside the case with rubber fan mounts to prevent resonance. Further more the inside of the case is fully covered with wave-foam noise absorption material to absorb any unwanted noise coming from your systems components. The Nexus version1 case front is made from the metal mesh which is often use in the audio industry. This gives the case the rugged, strong but clean look. Check out all the great features of this silent pc case.

Two 120MM real silent case fans:

Inside the version1 case you will find two 1000 RPM case fans. These case fans move a massive 36.87 CFM airflow with a very high static pressure. This means the case fans cool very efficiently at extremely low noise level.

Wave-foam noise absorption material:

This highly efficient noise absorption foam has a wave structure as is used in recording studio's and noise-free chambers

Metal mesh:
Metal mesh for a good quality and sophisticated look. Strong but providing sufficient ventilation openings. Behind the metal mesh part on the bottom-front of the case is a 120MM real silent case fan positioned to get fresh air inside the case.

Features & Specifications: 
Size: 43.7x19.7x52.9cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Motherboard size: ATX/M-ATX
PSU: Not supplied
Case fans: 2 x 120mm Real Silent fan (black/White)
Front Ports: Fire Wire port, 2x USB2.0, Mic and Speaker
5.25" bays: 3x front accessible
3.5" bays: 1x front accessible + 1 not accessible through front
HDD bays: 4 ventilated HDD bays in bottom of the case
Case size: 43.7x19.7x52.9cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Box size: 50,6 x 59x8 x 25x7 cm
Box weight: 8.4 kg
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